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A Beautiful Wound.


The “feeling body” we live in can be a home of great comfort and happiness, but it can also be a source of dis-ease when our well-being has been disturbed. Since time immemorial, sons have been deprived of genuine relationships with their fathers, and suffered in their absence. Not even strong mothers can provide us what we really need. Neither fully alive nor adequately developed, we stumble and fall when our "wounded masculinity" meets meaningful relationships. Unconscious of "how to feel" the demands of our life we sabotage the sanctity of our most loving partnerships. The true tragedy is we think we are alone and we suffer in silence.

In the spirit of the Fisher King from Arthurian legend and Iron John, this book will describe how the Son of a King redeemed himself and his Father and restored prosperity to his family and the kingdom. What stands out is how the Son, in this story, accepted his wounded "feeling body" and integrated "the feminine way" to heal himself. Each chapter will describe how the Son negotiated challenges and acquired critical skills. The wisdom practices of several teachers will be described, in detail, as they empower the Son to navigate the terrain of "wounded masculinity". A recurring theme will be how beauty and art inspired his purpose and nourished the return of the vitality to the "feeling body". At the end of each chapter, commentary will elaborate on how our capacity to perceive can improve our ability to care. Ultimately, the Son will discover the secret of interconnectedness and the abundance of love that surrounds him.


Discover the difference between healthy and unhealthy ways to relate to wounded masculinity.
  • Find beauty in the mud of emotions.
Reclaim the guidance of our dreams to help us navigate the terrain of uncertainty.
  • A powerful strategy to find wisdom in vulnerability and empowerment in weakness.
  • See the power of perception and discernment align the head to the heart and create action from a place of integrity.
  • See why the pilgrimage of the heart is a solitary journey of a peaceful warrior.
  • See why optimum health and well being depend on the development of a "witness" function.
Appreciate letting go by accepting countless mini-deaths.
  • Finally break the cycle of misery and failure with Awakened Artistry and Embodied Imagination.


  • How to perceive your masterpiece even if it is covered in centuries of overpaint.
  • How the blind ambition of Sons drives them unconsciously to prove their
    self worth.
  • Why the misery of failure is an opportunity for creative expression.
  • When you include artistry in your life, any activity becomes meaningful.
  • Why heart-centered teachers provide an invaluable service to humanity.
  • When you steady the mind, an awareness of feeling turns stressful energy into heartfelt action.
  • When strong emotions have purpose self-care transforms into stewardship and community gathers.
  • How the sensitivity of the Child is absolutely necessary to discover what inspires us.
  • Why the mystery of beauty cannot be seen with conditioned eyes, it must be felt with the naked heart.
  • When we can fully accept death, we can fully embrace life.
  • Why embodied imagination is the great healer.
  • When we awaken to our spark of life we attract the sacred flame of relationship.